Tapping/Threading Rigid 10K

Does anyone have experience attempting to tap/thread Rigid 10K? Wondering if it would crack.

Rigid 4K seems to work for our small threadforming screws…but unsure about 10K.


I would say to oversize the drill hole to reduce the amount of material to be removed by the tap. We have used tapered taps on 10k and we experienced very small cracks, but still experienced moderate success.

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Good to know - thanks @TJAR_Ryan. I may just use Rigid 4K for this specific application since I’m in a bit of a time crunch and don’t want to end up with a batch of 10K parts that I won’t be able to use…but I’ll definitely try this out next time.


I have had some success with printing the threads in 10K and then running a tap through just to clean things up. Hope this helps, best of luck.


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