Tank not filling

Tank is not filling.
I do not hear the actuator cycling.
I will try to reload the firmware in case if something is the issue with that.

This is my first print with a brand new machine that I purchased in April and am just setting up.
I did check the firmware and it is up to date (I updated it during the setup)
I also checked the nipple and it does flow when pressed.

The touch screen seems to lock up intermittently as well, the only recourse is to turn off the power to reboot.

Thank you for any help.


Its seems like a bug to me as the screen stuck.
If it was happend to me, I was first unplug the power ans hold the button pressed for 10 seconds, then plug-in the power.

If its not working, i will go foe factory reset to the machine.

Let me know how it went.

Still not successful
Ill put in a support ticket.

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