Tank dripper part?


As much as I’ve seen build platform dripper parts so you can get liquid resin from the build platform back to the tank, is there any assembly I could print to keep the TANKS in angle while putting the resin back on the CARTs?

In winter the resins quickly get cold and wayyyy slow to empty!



Hello @bolsoncerrado,

Thank you for your question; I’m more in need of clarification. Resin transferring should be done in a room at roughly 20 to 22 degrees Celsius to assist with flow as it is viscous. From where are you pouring resin?

Otherwise, you can still store resin in the tank by using provided tank carriers. It’s possible Support can assist, as well, with these questions.

But storing them in the tanks helps having leaks after some time right?

I know a higher temp would be desirable but not possible right now. Trying to pour from the tank back to the cartridge.

Hi @bolsoncerrado,

You shouldn’t need to pour resin out of resin tanks unless you are putting them away for long term storage. We do not recommend pouring resin from tanks back into cartridges, as there is a risk of contamination. For long-term storage, we advise pouring resin into a separate container (wide-mouth opaque HDPE or polypropylene bottles). Please see Resin care for more detail on this.

To address your initial question, your best bet would be to use the tank tool to help push resin out of the tank. It’s understandable that in colder temperatures, the resin would not flow as well. You could pour the resin out of the tank spout into a funnel or similar.


may i ask which printer you are using? Form2 or Form3? I have the same issue here. But i am planning to draw a dripping stander myself for form2. If you also use Form 2, i might share the file i was done.

Hi @Chen_YanZhang,

Thanks for bringing this up and mentioning your plans for a design! Feel free to share regardless of printer type, as other users may find this helpful.

Form3 but please do share anyway!

Hi bolsoncerrado

I made myself a hook:

Which holds a tray so that it drains into a pot:

As for heating the resin, I have an A4 sized 14watt heating pad which fits under the Form3 and keeps the resin in the tray at ~28-29ºC. This I find warm enough to filter the resin resonably quickly.


Thats quite awesome :wink: Do you have links to that pad? So you heat the whole printer you mean?

There are a lot of these heating pads on Amazon and eBay. You will want the plain plastic ones sold for seedling trays or vivariums, preferably with a controller or thermostat.

If you are recovering resin from a tank to put back in it’s 1L container, I would put it in a dish rack, on a shelf to pour down into a funnel in the container.
It’s true, you shouldn’t have to transfer the resin back, but I understand there could be certain circumstances.

I would also like to inquire if anyone has come up with a way to help parts drip back into the tank after print. It seems that some orientations of parts, don’t let the resin drip back into the tank once it’s finished and I loose a lot of resin that still clings to my parts as I put them in the wash tank. I was wondering if FORMLABS might consider a tilting stage mount. I realize this could cause a slew of issues when your are trying to keep the stage as flat to the tank as possible. But having a way to tilt the stage on a completed part could help me a lot. Resin’s aren’t cheap.

Hi @mwbarre1,

Noted; I’ve passed your feedback along! The Form Wash L actually uses a similar tilting mechanism to allow solvent to drain off the parts as well.

Oh! I didn’t know that. But I want my resin to go back into the tank, to save some money, not into the wash, where it reduces wash effectiveness even faster.

The build platform will stand on the edge of the tank so that the resin will drain back into the tank.

This is assuming that you leave time for the resin to drain.

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That’s pretty neat. I was actually thinking of crafting my own stand to use just like that.


You could explore is designing and 3D printing a simple stand or holder that can keep the tank at a slight angle during the transfer process.

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That doesn’t work too often - at least for me when I tried - as the weight balance tips it over. (although the other side of the tank was a bit better - it doesn’t flex as much as the left side)… I guess same for anyone when printing anything fairly large/tall…

I don’t particularly like the idea of it falling in the tank, splashing resin everywhere and potentially damaging the tank film and/or parts :roll_eyes:

I have used a heat gun (temperature set to 60) however to blow the resin off as it also softens and flows better, but it’s not ideal as if not careful resin can fly off sideways :laughing: then a little plastic scraper to get the majority of what’s left off the platform before a pre-rinse.

I realize I’m lazy, but do you have a step-file to share?

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