Tank chip contacts

Hi everyone, I received a replacement tank and happily prepared it for a print job.
The tank inserted normally and I sent the job to the printer, but the resin tank was not detected.
So, I removed the tank gently, thinking that I hadn’t inserted it correctly. I then noticed that there was a small black rectangle in the resin tank that is about the size of the tank chip. I removed the tank and examined it. What I found was that the tank’s chip was in the resin tank. I’ve never seen or heard of this issue before. It is hopefully just a manufacturing error.
I also looked at the contacts on the printer. They seem very deformed from what I am used to seeing on other products and I think that there is a problem.

Hmm, it looks like the chip placement on this one missed by a bit… Our support team is going to be best suited to help out and we’re certainly interested in investigating the root cause. One of our members will be in touch with you over email to help out.

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Yes, thanks for the humorous response too! It has brightened my day actually.
A client of mine is relying on my expertise and the Form2’s consistently high quality output to create some technically interesting manual castings. We have a series of several iterations to test and so need the Form2 up and running sooner than later.
Thanks again for the reply!

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Glad to here it :slight_smile: In a pinch, Open Mode can be used to disable tank and cartridge check as to allow you to print in the interim. It does require that you manually fill the tank and misses out on some of the features in default mode like wiping and heating.

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