T-Rex Skull War Tank


Hi! I have a project I want to share with you guys.
It is an 3D printed T-Rex tank with working treads and balance suspension I made. The treads are 3d printed already assembled! Any feedback are very welcome.

Room Temperature Required for Form 2 printing?

OMG… That’s freaking insane!

I think I’m in love. :+1::+1::clap::clap:

Are the treads printed in Flexible, or are they solid resin links that are hinged together?


Feedback? Which feedback!? Envy blocks my output channels!!


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
They are solid with hinges! I posted an making of in youtube but it’s not captioned yet.
If you advance the second video you will see how I made the treads to be printed with hinges assembled:


Here you can see an 3d animation I make before I 3D printed it:



I wanna see whose in the tank.

Great video what program did you do the animation in?


Thank you!
the driver is hidden in there… :wink: let’s imagine they are the mammals that flourish after the dinosaurs extinction ! :wink:
The tank was model and animated in 3DsMax and rendered with Corona.


One of the coolest things I have ever seen printed. Great work.


Now that’s cool!


Here is the paint progression of the Trex tank.
Do you guys have any tip about how can I sell this model files to be 3dprinted? Which is the best website etc?


CGtrader comes to mind:


Or www.sellfy.com perhaps


Wow that looks amazing! Also deep respect for modelling this in 3DSmax, that must have been a time consuming project. Willing to share some info on the post-processing you did? How did you paint the final model for example?


Awesome job with the finish on this! Pinshape.com allows you to set models to be free or paid :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!
I modeled the skull in mudbox and the mechanical parts in fusion 360 or 3dsmax. I rendered the animation in 3dsmax with the corona renderer.
To paint the 3d printed model I used these tutorials: http://www.migjimenez.com/en/content/10-ammo-step-by-step
Also look for “weathering tutorial” on youtube.


I hate how good this is! I am new to this forum. I am a toy designer and I have worked all of the big companies, I am on my own now working for everyone. I also was a level and character artist for Treyarch for 5.5 years. I just ducked in her real quick since I just got a form2 not expecting to see stuff this good here. When I see other people do things this good it makes me mad! I know…its a personal problem. Great work!


Thank you, Kevin and everyone!
As a worker for the toy industry, do you have any advice on how to sell this?
Do you think will be better to print and sell them as a kit or to sell the form files to be 3dprinted by the buyer?


Selling one thing is tough. Is this your design? If it is I would recommend that you to build a brand. There is too much good stuff out there. People need more of a reason to buy. They need a story. Retailers dont want to deal with 50 people to put 50 SKU’s on a shelf. They want to deal with 3 companies with brands. Creating an animation property for all of this (and it looks like you could) will give you FU money. Go big or go broke!


All I can say is HOLY FREAKIN’ DOODOO! (Can we cuss on the forum?) I am TOTALLY blown away by this and especially the articulated treads! And a movie?

I just showed this to my better half…he’s a post-apocalyptic writer…the “grunge” on it is so super cool. He wants to know if you do professionally, or just for fun? You did a FANTASTIC job!


Wow, watching https://vimeo.com/158204237 and although I cannot understand the language you’re speaking, your design language is brilliant! your use of magnets is absolutely amazing.

You my friend are a Genius!


edit: watching more - your track is unreal. the way you got around the overhang issue is again genius.


Fantastic! You should post this on reddit /r/3dprinting