T-Rex Skull War Tank



We pray at the alter of your design and execution. Your creation is incredible.

Were you in influenced by the movie Heavy Metal?


Thank you for the tips, Kevin! Yes, it is my design. I modeled in 3dsMax, Mudbox, and fusion360.
Do you know a brand that can help me with the business part of this? I don’t think will have the discipline and time to make my brand. I think will try to sell the 3d files instead.


Hi Kat!
I work with 3d computer animation but this one is my design, and I did this in my spare time.
Thank you so much for your words! :wink:


Thank you Christopher!
I have plans to make a condensed version of this videos with English subtitles. Will post it here when it’s ready.
Thank you one more time! :wink:


Way Cool


Wow! :smiley:


Okay- I get that the larger one you filament printed.

The smaller one you printed on an SLA… was that a Form 2? if so- is that Formlabs’ grey resin? or are you using a 3rd party grey resin that is a lot less brittle to achieve those snap fits?

If that is a Form 2 print… did you custom design the support structure in your modeling app for the drive wheels?
That doesn’t look like a support that Preform would generate.

And the treads printed with live hinges? I see how you used angled dovetails to get the treads to print without support bridging… but what was the clearance you had to maintain to get individual plates to stay separate?

And Last of all- I would love to hear how many iterations you went thru before you solved every issue with the design?

Critique- this is an amazing piece of design and engineering.
I think your use of the polarity opposed magnets for the suspension is brilliant. Its spring force automatically increasing as the gap reduces…

While I think the self hinged treads are brilliantly done… I don’t know of any printed material that can produce a particularly robust hinge pin- especially at this scale… I think you would sell this really well if you offered an ADDITIONAL model of just the hinge plate itself - with holes for a metal hinge pin. -( and the information of how many copies of the plate they will have to print for each track )
This will enable more ambitious builders to use steel or brass hinge pins for a much more robust print.

Also- in your sales package you should include a list of SOURCES- for the specific magnets you use for each of the scales you printed this in… the part numbers for the magnets that you figured out were Just Right… and the motors and other electronics.

I would absolutely buy one- just to put it together and figure out first hand how you solved all the design issues.

In addition to the sources cited above… you could also post it on Turbosquid.com-

Turbosquid is often used by animation and CGI folks- so be sure to come up with a significant special licence fee for anyone using the model in a video or game. That is- purchase limits the user to PRINT the model… but that any use of the data in media would require the user negotiating a separate fee or royalty with You.

Until you get it posted… how do we buy a model from you NOW?


HI Flaviomac, Are this model still not available for purchase?


Amazing work, utterly superb. Great attention to detail.

One possible suggestion, for that little extra something, you could perhaps sink a red LED deep into the back of each of the skull’s eye sockets to bring the skull ‘alive’ and make it look even more evil when it’s on (it would also serve as visible functional feedback to let you know if the battery is on or off, and illuminate it or even act as funky headlights in the dark).

Incredible work. All the best.


Thank you very much for all the feedback guys. I still haven’t figure if I will sell the 3D model or a resin cast of it.
@Sculptingman I will answer all your questions in the following message. thank you for all of them!


it is really insane


This is fantastic! Nice work!


Love the design. Very impressed by the workable track. Brilliant.


Wow, that’s soo cool. I really like the design and how you showed the material in the threads too. I also feel like this would be a fantastic toy for a child who’s interested in this kind of thing.


Wow it looks Amazing bro!!!


You know, if I’m ever wanting to show someone an amazing example of what the Form printers can do, I literally Google “Formlabs T-Rex Tank” and show your work. I’m still in awe of both the printed model, but also the animation.

@flaviomac, I’m curious…is this a hobby for you or do you do this as your profession? This is just sooooo well-executed. :smiley: Hats off to you…

(ohhhh funny…just realized I wrote almost exactly this same post back in 2017! And you answered as well. I’ll stop fan-girling now.)


This is just WoW, not only the design, but mechanics as well.


This continues to be one of my absolute favorites!


really fine modeling
SELLING: there are a number of sites but they want more to print it. There really is no categories for this model. So I don’t know how someone would search for it?.

I mean who looks for DINO-Tanks?

the YOU-TUBE video shows the tank tread being printed on a tube printer, However the printed model looks like a FormLabs print, Usually the separations for moving parts is .02" however he printed in an arch where the inside separation is less than the outside separation. HOWHEDOTHAT??


Wow, you only need to add a motor :wink: