Super Glue Embrittling of White Resin Prints

Anyone else had any issue with printed parts snapping around where they have been super glued onto another component. Just did a test on the legs of a model dog. The previously pliable leg snapped at the line on which I placed super glue after curing.

The interface between two components is likely to be the weakest point of your model but cyanoacrylate based glues should create a fairly strong bond. Another option is to use resin at the interface between parts and a UV laser to cure the resin. It’s best to do this prior to UV curing and will create a strong cross-linked bond between the two parts.

To be honest, super glue of sorts tends to make plastic parts more stiff and slightly weaker as it kind of eats into the materials. So the material around the joint tends to still have some flex. When pressure is applied, it will stress the stiff section making it the weak spot.

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@cjryker06 thats the effect I’m experiencing. If I cover a section of a model in super glue it cures and becomes a snapage point. Does anyone know the chemical reasoning for this?

The reason is that CA glue literally eats into the plastics to bond them as a solvent weld. Same as if you used Weld On on two sheets of acrylic, it bonds them by “cutting” into each part.