Sudden LevelSense Board Error Results in Need for Full Printer Replacement

I have had a Form 2 printer for 2 and a half years. It has run very well for most of that time, even though I have only put about 5 liters of resin through it. But all of a sudden, seemingly without any previous issue or prompting, I am getting a print failure that Support is telling me is a failed LevelSense Board, and the only solution is a new printer, costing me $1299. I find this absolutely absurd considering that it is only a few months after my extended warranty ended and is an all-of-a-sudden complete system failure. There is no option for an in-field replacement, and the replacement cost is half the cost of a new printer. How is this their solution? Has anyone else had this issue with the LevelSense Board?

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Can you do the fix yourself? But the components and replace the levelsense chip

I asked to do that but they said my only two options are the $1299 printer swap or $700 off of a new Form 3.

If the level sensor is really broken… It’s the FDC1004 made by Texas Instruments. Hard to impossible to replace if you don’t have soldering skills. Otherwise, go for it.

Maybe you just have corrosion or contact issues? Did you try re-seating the cable?

Yea, i guess it’s odd that it randomly failed while in a very well climate controlled environment and with little use. My issue is mainly that the replacement costs $1299. Even if shipping each way is $100, they are saying that the replacement parts and labor costs $1100? That’s crazy. I’m sure they have a technician that can make the replacement in an hour or two.

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It used to be $800. But I guess they want people to switch to the Form 3 so now it’s $1299. They can replace the complete printer for that money. It’s nothing more than a flat-fee and includes pick-up and delivery.

And yes, it’s absurd.

I don’t know where you’re located, but there are several 3rd party companies around the world that do repairs for $350 to $500.

I am located in the DC area. I’m certainly open to a third party repair if I am out of warranty anyway, and if I can’t negotiate them down to a more reasonable cost or an alternative solution. Do you have a place you can point me to?