Suction cup effect (Prints pull towards on tray)

I have one resin tray broken because print stucks (sucks, pull towards) on tray so hard and try to pull it up. This suction cup effect is real problem to me. Is there something to do or do I have to pay new Ultimaker?

I’m designer and use Form 2 to prototyping. In larger prints there is sometimes problem because print pull towards on tray and use bad noise when try to be freed. z-tuning is -0.4 because otherwise print do not stuck on platform.

What I can do?

If the print is sticking to the bottom of the tray then your tray may need to be replaced. Especially if you’re printing large objects on it often then that can wear it down quickly.

Typically users will orient part at an angle to mitigate any suction forces. If your print is pulling upwards strongly enough to detach the resin tray, it could mean that the tray has been a bit overused and needs to be replaced. If you continue having this issue, I’d encourage you to get in touch with our support team and they can give you more pointers on print setup.

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