Submit Jobs Through Dashboard

It would be beneficial if Preform could submit print jobs to a printer through dashboard, allowing a job to be uploaded to the printer without requiring the computer submitting to job to be on the same network as the printer. This would enable designers to upload the jobs from anywhere and someone local to the printer can ensure the proper material is loaded and actually start the print process.


As long as this is not a default behaviour and / or that we can completely disable it, I’m all for it :stuck_out_tongue:

This potentially means a lot of traffic through Formlabs’ servers though.

Can you establish a VPN to get the same functionality ?

I certainly wouldn’t want it to be default behavior either. The software currently looks for printers using local service discovery, which works fine if you have layer 2 connectivity. If service discovery doesn’t work for some reason, you can specify an IP, also fine if you can reach that IP directly. I was just thinking that since the printer is chatting away with the dashboard servers already, it might be a cool option to have as a final fallback. VPN is always one possibility, but I was thinking of it as something that would be a little bit more seamless from a user experience perspective. It would probably be best for it to be some kind of option you have to manually enable on a per-printer basis and that is disabled completely by default.

Probably a pie in the sky thought, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put it out there for consideration.

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