Proxy Server Support

For the corporate types out there who have no access to the online dashboard, this would help considerably. Without building in proxy server support I have no way to access an outside network, webpage or anything with our Form 2. This wouldn’t normally bother me, but it now looks like Formlabs is implementing features in the dashboard which are not present in the Preform software.


You should be able to add your printer to Dashboard regardless of your network. After adding it to your dashboard, it will be accessible from any network so long as you log into the same account. Let me know if this isn’t the case for you and we’ll help to troubleshoot further.

Frew, I think he means the Printer needs to support a proxy, not the web browser he’s using to attempt to access Dashboard. He shouldn’t need anything from FL to make his browser work in his corporate environment. But I don’t remember seeing anything to set up a proxy for the printer itself, which would mean no data can get out of his network from the printer, to upload to the Dashboard…

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This is exactly what I mean! Basically the printer generates the “code” to sync it with the dashboard and then never syncs. The network here will block all web/Internet communication unless it is done through a proxy server. I have my ethernet/network settings done manually as per IT here and there is no option for a proxy server on the Form 2.

My personal computer works fine and can access the dashboard no problem. Sorry for the confusion.

Ah, I understand now :slight_smile: I admittedly don’t know how challenging implementing proxy server support is but I’ve made sure to forward this to our Software Team and we’ll look into it.


Anything new to report about the proxy topic?

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Any Updates ?

Have the same issue NO proxi settings no connection for the printer to outside destinations

I have the exact same issue. Would love a feature update to allow this to occur. As a workaround, I use the WiFi to access a non-corporate network in order to upload the data to Dashboard. This prohibits me from sending jobs over the network (I have to then connect via USB.) Please add the functionality to configure a proxy server as part of the network setup.

Any updates on this for Form 3? I would certainly expect this as a supported feature in a new hardware product.

Hello, we need feature for proxy server. Any update?

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I doubt this is prioritized. We are now in discussions for $300k printers that don’t even support a proxy. The industry attitude seems to be, grant us unfettered access or screw you.

Yeah. This is pretty disappointment. There is no support.
Yesterday, I chat with support team regarding my resin tank has heavy cloud and they said buy new one. Of cause, I know, I have to buy new one. I got this printer 20 days ago. Lets do the math, 20 day for $99?

Hi, did you also specify how much you printed etc.? I you printed 4l of resin during that time then the tank has just worn out.

Yup. I printed 2 of 1 L cartridges. Is that suppose to happen that much quick?

Are there any updates on proxy server support? I just received a new Form 3 and there still is no support for Internet access through a proxy server. Without that, the dashboard functionality is useless on my corporate network.

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