Stringy print failures

Hi guys, looking for some advice as to why my prints are failing. This is the first time anything like this has happened.

Ive been trying to prototype a shield for a bearing, imagine a large thin washer, Been printing directly on to the build plate and everything has been fine. I added an extra 0.25mm to allow for the shrinkage.

I then tweaked the design to try something, imagine an upside down T shape washer. Now every time i try to print I get a failure and stringy parts that hang down from the build plate. It seems like the first layers are adhering to the build plate fine, it looks like about halfway through the print it delaminates and the stringy parts start. Ive attached some stills. Any ideas??

White resin, 50 microns, brand new resin tank LT

Here you can see the file. Its thin, but ive printed way thinner no problem, and the files before making it a T, were thinner and printed fine.

could it be a cupping blow out? the whole print is only 3mm high.

I think it could be a cupping blowout, and I’ve certainly seen cupping blowouts even close to the build plaftorm. You can’t vent this at the build platform for a millimeter or two, can you?

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Thanks fo rthe reply, I will try again, just need to wat for some 190 micron paint filters to be able to clean my tank

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