Strange conflict between PreForm and Grammarly

I’ve detected a really strange conflict between PreForm and Grammarly Windows app. When both are activated on Windows, PreForm will respond extremely slowly, and will return to normal after Grammarly is closed… Please check if this is a rare case or a general issue.

Hi @facfox,

We haven’t seen this issue before - have you already tried reinstalling both PreForm and Grammarly and seeing if that helps?

Otherwise, I would create a support case with the support team with additional info such as the PreForm and Grammarly version and any additional steps to reproduce the issue and the team can investigate this for you further.

I’ve reinstalled PreForm and Grammarly couple times, even tried to manually remove every related items in Windows registry but still doesn’t help.

Hi @facfox,

Thank you for the update - I’m sorry to hear that the issue persisted after reinstallation. As @Phil.O mentioned, since this isn’t a previously known issue, I would encourage getting in touch with our Support team who will help you narrow this down.

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