Store Resin and Layer Height Settings in .form Files

I do a lot of printing for other people. While quoting the projects I obviously go through and select all of the print settings. However, I don’t always remember what they were when I come back to actually run the build. It would be really nice if .form files could save all of the parameters to help streamline this type of workflow.


Thanks for sharing, Ben. From curiosity’s perspective, what sort of print data helps you quote projects? Perhaps something that can be done through PreForm or the newer Dashboard tool, and we’d love to hear more about how you reference the information from the print settings.

Hey Stepehen,

My biggest concern is that when I quote a build using all of the appropriate settings and save the build, the layer and resin is not saved. Then a few days later when I go to run the build by opening the .form file, I have to double check that I"m using the proper settings (per my customer’s needs/what I quoted) before sending the build to the printer. That is why I would like if the .form file saved the resin and settings rather than defaulting to the previous settings used to prepare a build. Once the build is on the printer then I’m good to go as the settings show up there.

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