Print settings not saved

I think I’m doing something wrong with saving the print setup values…I set up my print with all the X, Y, & Z values, then all the support settings, the height off the platform, etc. and hit “save as” and then do the print. When I call it back up again to do another print with the same settings, all the values were not saved. I have now started to write down all of the values on all my prints so that the part will come out the same way the next time it print it. I am doing something in the wrong order?

This is normal and yes it sucks! Its easier to make a screenshot and save it as a jpg. !

Thanks…good suggestion and yes maybe someone at FORMLABS could edit the software to dump this small amount of info into the file and then read it back when it gets opened.

Hi guys,

Sorry for the confusion and frustration!

Just for my own clarification – when you are talking about the “support settings,” do you mean the collection of settings in the support generation window (the one with the “Generate Supports” button)?

What are you referring to when you talk about the X,Y,Z settings? Any specific details you can give me will help me address the problem. (Since you mentioned taking screenshots, the absolute best thing for me would be a screenshot with the settings you’re referring to highlighted somehow.)


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