STL File Thumbnail Preview In Windows?

Hi All, just wondering if anyone knows of any type of plugin that will enable a thumbnail preview of an STL file while exploring folders in windows 7?

Netfabb Basic?

If there is a way to do that with Netfabb I dont know how, I dont see anything in the settings to create thumbnails. But if there’s a way I’d be interested also!

Excuse the res but as you can see from the picture each stl file has a thumbnail preview in windows explorer. Overall this looks like very good software from Kevvox.

Funny. Pretty sure mine works just by installing netfabb basic. The file association with preform is only after preform is installed but explorer thumbnail was already there with netfabb.

Hi Teck…STL thumnail preview envy! That’s just what I want but not working for me. But I did find the file preview browser in netfabb,

Thats funny Jessy, I just found that too. Still no thumbnails though, I’ve always had my stls associated with netfabb by default but always just had netfabb icons. I thought maybe there was an option for saving with thumbnails like in Solidworks, but I haven’t found one. I’m sure there’s a simple solution to this somewhere…

You can do a batch convert (PC world only) and create thumb nails along side of you STL files using software from (see attachment)

You can try it for 30 days and if you like it you could buy it for $20.00.