PreForm and networks

Just ordered my Form 1+ today and installed the latest PreForm software. On start up I tried to load a STL file from my network drive. First the software didn’t see the drive so I downed it and started it again.

The second time it did see the drive and I moved to the proper folder. There it didn’t show any files even though there were several in the folder. In the drop-down for the file name there were stl files listed and the one I wanted was there so I selected it. Hitting OK it said the file wasn’t there.

Does PreForm only work from a local drive?


I think you are having more network issues than preform issues. I have my files stored on an offsite network and have had zero issues loading the files from the network drives. Just my opinion but I could be wrong, maybe uninstall and re-install preform to be sure nothing got corrupted during the install.

Issue was not the network, it was me. Thought there were STL files in that folder but there weren’t.

“Cockpit Error”. :hankey:

I have found that the automatic start-up when the software is upgraded doesn’t show all drives available. I had to shut the Preform down and restart and all the drives were visible. Interesting.

Ordered my machine yesterday and should be here by the end of next week. Then we’ll see how it all works. Until then, just keep planning for the most part.

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