PreForm Object Browser

It would be really nice to have the option to have an object browser that lists all the models currently in the scene. It would also be great if it allowed you to select the model. It would make keeping track of part quantities and verifying that you are working with the proper models etc easier. Good examples of this are the model tree in netfabb or the object browser in Meshmixer.

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Good idea i second this.

Outside of Preform I would like to see a File Explorer plugin being able to view folder contents of SLA and forum files without opening them. Even cooler would be a Windows 10 touch interface that would let you spin them in 3D. I have folders full of SLA models with weird names. You just can’t figure out what they are without loading them into preform.

Have your tried the Windows APP 3D Builder?

Yea, I have used 3D Builder, very nice app. Also SLT Viewer 3D is good too.

I’ve seen the suggestion of storing a screenshot of the model - so a jpg with the same overall name - which File Explorer will them thumbnail. Extra step, admittedly, but a workaround.

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