.STL file association

If I associate .STL files with PreForm, and then double-click on an STL file, I’d expect it to launch and open the file.  Right now PreForm just comes up blank instead.

I did the same thing and had the same results.

Interesting comments.  After installing I can just double click .form file and it opens in Preform!

I am using windows 7 Pro.  The file has a generic Icon for some reason rather than the butterfly so I will have a look at that to see what gives. . .

Yup, .form files work.  .STL files don’t.

I should read more carefully shouldn’t I LOL.

I’ll see what I can find for you.

Andrew, it looks to me like the .stl files are actually imported into PreForm through a filter rather than simply opened like the native .form files are.

I don’t think there is anything you can do as a user other than open the files in the PreForm software as current.

It may be possible to enable this with an amendment to the software should it prove popular enough for the Form Team to take note.

Remember .stl file extensions have more than one use on a computer, by default it’s related to the computers shell extensions.