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It really amazes me that in 2016 I am opening a ticket with this, calling this a “feature”.
Guys, why on earth there is no drag and drop in preform?! This is driving me nuts, honestly.
So many months since the initial release, so many updates, but no drag and drop…


Are you referring to the option to drag and drop files to open in PreForm? You should be able to drag .stl, .obj, and .form files from a file directory into the PreForm window.

If you’re looking for something else, could you clarify? It sounds exciting, and we’d love to know more.

Hi Stephen. It’s anything but exciting :slight_smile:
Yes, I think I should be able to drag and drop STLs or anything Preform opens. But it does not work.
Cursor changes to that crossed icon when I try, and it just doesn’t do it. I’ve upgraded Preform quite a few times, so this doesn’t fix it…
And it’s the only application that does this - so I was under the impression this has not been implemented for some reason.
Are you saying something it is simply not working?


Works perfectly fine for me

One use case where it doesn’t work is when the STL is contained within an archive.
Otherwise, straightforward drag & drop appears to work for me too.

This works for me…I’m running PreForm on a Mac. I can drag and drop from a folder into PreForm no problem. Is there a possibility you are using an incompatible file format?

Very interesting. Well, I’m glad this has been implemented :slight_smile: , but it’s the first time in my life I see a behaviour like this. Other applications are working perfectly fine.
Of course I’m dragging and dropping a compatible file (just an STL) and no, it’s not inside an archive.
I’m stunned.


Does anyone from Formlabs have any bright ideas? This is the only application doing this to me, however, from what I hear drag and drop is built-in.
Please help, this is really frustrating.
Upgrade doesn’t help. I’m running Win 10.

I’ve been having mooch about on this - I have now seen it happen once on one of my Win 10 systems. Haven’t been able to duplicate it though.

There seem to be a number of people having what sounds like the same problem with Win 10 - it might be worth having a look at the suggestions in this thread:

I’d be interested to hear if any of the suggestions work.

Used on two computers with Windows 10 and it’s fine

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