Cannot Import STL Files to PreFrom 2.2.1 on Windows 10 64-bit

Anyone having trouble using PreForm on Windows 10?

I’ve never succeeded importing a single STL into PreForm on my Win 10 64-bit. The same STL file works on my Macbook PreForm.

When I import an STL file it says “Some loaded models are damaged and need repair. Would you like PreForm to attempt to automatically repair these models?”. If I click “Repair”, nothing happens; if I click “Ignore”, it says “There were some errors during file loading: Unknown error”.

Now I can only use my Macbook to send print jobs to my Form 2 printer. :frowning: Anyone got an idea if this is an individual or common problem?

I know that you’ve heard back from our Support team already and wanted to make sure that you received the message. Please make sure that all graphics card drivers and Windows updates are updated on your PC. Additionally, it would be a good idea to check the file’s name to be sure the name is acceptable and easy for Mac and Windows operating systems to open. PreForm on Windows can sometimes have trouble opening files that have extra punctuation or non-Roman characters in the file path.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Yes I checked the file path and found that some upper-level folders have non-Roman names. Changed it and can import files now.


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