Statues for an exhibition

We are preparing an exhibition about the Constantinople hippodrome which will take place in a byzantine cistern. Attached here are two statues that we know existed at the hippodrome. There will be a selection of 16 of the ~65 statues that we know about. The left one is 28 cm high consists of two parts, the right one is 25 cm high an consists of 5 parts. Minor imperfections and joints will be fixed during the wax step of the bronze casting



pretty cool! did you paint these or is that the resin? The black looks very opaque.

So you modeled these from scratch given 2-D artwork representations found in archives? or did you recreate these statues based off written records of some kind and they are representations of the statues? Good luck with the castings!

I painted it with black acrylic to see the details more easily, also I was out of gray resin and half of the 2nd one is white resin.

We have different types of evidence for the statues, most are textual descriptions, several reliefs depicting them and 6 existing ones.

I received the bronze casts today.


These turned out great!
Please share pictures of the pieces you used as reference if you can once the exhibition is ready.
Do you have information on the exhibition you could post here?

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