Amy portrait


here some shots of the Amy Winehouse bust, sculpted by the talented Bogi Piroth (

Printed in 6 pices at 50 micron, 14 cm tall (5,5 inches) and painted.


Perfect print! How did you orient the print? Straight up or use auto orient?

I watch his home page, he is a great digital sculptor, How did you get Bogi’s model? Does he sell his work or just give away to his friends?

Well I guess Bogi used your print in his gallery, and that’s why you get his model, lol.

Hello lock,

Thanks. I’ve use auto orientation for 5 pieces, for the podium just placed vertically.

Bogi is a friend. So I got the model for 3D printing project.

Best regards,


… an other picture of the print, with a scale reference.



The images from the previous posts have disappeared. If interested, they are reposted here:

Artist Bogi Piroth: