My First Print - Reconstruction of a Lion Statue

Though I don’t like titles like “My latest work” “My latest …”, this is one of the rare forums that it has a meaning. Attached below is my very first print after the test print. I painted it to give a bronze effect, but I plan to cast all my future prints in bronze. The model is a reconstruction of one of the pair of marble lion statues that are currently in the Archaeological Museums of Istanbul. They were in situ until 1870’s at the Boukoleon Palace and gave the palace half of its name (leon).

Boukoleon Palace

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Thats looks amazing… what type of paint did you use to get that affect?

It is a very simple and easy technique. First you paint the model black, then with a (size 10 or more) thick and soft brush you take very tiny amounts of copper paint and gently swipe the brush back and forth so that most paint will land on bumps, not the crevices. Search for “dry-brush” videos on Youtube for bronze effect. Finally I paint with very tiny amounts of metallic green in some of the crevices to give the copper-oxide effect. You may use different colored copper paint and even gold in a few highlights to make it more realistic.

Looks great! What’s the size, and is it hollow or solid?
The paint finish looks just like the 'rub ‘n buff’ stuff you can buy for exactly the same effect :smile:

It is 14.5 cm high and hollow, with about 2 mm shell thickness. I will check Rub’n Buff, thanks.