Starting to notice some "layer drift" with my form 2

I’m using the Form 2 for some fairly large prints (takes up most of the build area), and I’m noticing some “layer drift”. I’d noticed this with my old FDM printers as the belts started to wear and became slightly elastic: each layer might be offset a little from the layer beneath it.

What is the cause of this? Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a maintenance issue, normal wear and tear, or something else?

My first prints had a very crisp surface finish, and the layers were only noticeable if you inspected the print closely. The surface felt smooth to the touch. Now the lines are very visible and you can feel the bumps and grooves from the layers. The drifting seems to be more pronounced at the beginning of the print. Perhaps from the resin sitting in the tank, or maybe a temperature thing?

Any thoughts?


If it’s very solid it may be because it’s having difficulty separating it from the bottom of the tray.

It looks like some of your surfaces might not be fully supported. This will cause the part to shift a bit and produce some of the layering you’re seeing. Have a go at re-orienting your part to give more support to some of the larger surfaces.

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