Stacking with 3d sprint software -over 40 models print in one go on formlabs

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How many dental full arches have you printed in one print?

Theses show 40 but much more room for at least 6 at side and 14 above -up to 60 models
Used the auto stack in 3dsprint software (about 20 sec to create 21/28 stacked models) ,then export as stl then simpley import and set base to FL
You have to setup virtual 5100 next dent printer to get auto stack option. You can download trial version from 3dsystems site and test!
I’m doing this at weekends takes up to 20 hrs dependent upon 50/100 micron setting

If you know better way please share

That way you’re adding unnecessary supports which may cause a slight form variation when removing them and polishing. I understand you’re aiming for quantity / speed but I would go for quality in such precise models by laying the flat.

Hi-i haven’t added any supports this is done by software-I have to say so far quality is excellent
I’m trying to find out how others stack. I happily lay horizontal or vertical in the week when the printer is “manned” and simple exchange of print plate gets printing going again. This is solely for weekend (or overnight)when the printer is unmanned and I want to maximise print.

Hi. It´s a very interesting approach but I´m printing a maximum ( so far ) of 25 dental arches in vertical without any supports , excellent quality, any issues, in 4 hours approx. , so is less than your 40 arches in 20 hrs.

Hi -I agree and thats what I do in most cases as we are working and can attend to printer . I specifically talking about weekends when you have 48 hrs
the 20 hrs would be for 50 micron. So to expand your philosophy one could print at least 3 stacks (possible 4) meaning 75-100 models waiting for you on Monday morning

Hi again, I see the point of not having the printer idle for so long as 48 hrs. Think I would like to try your approach if being able to use the software as you said. Only two things make me dubious about: how much resin do you need for each arch as stacking make the printing a bit more complex , and the worse , what if you have a power outage in the middle of a 100 archs printing possibly ruining it all ? From the beginning of my printing tasks I always put minimum resin waste first Could you show the arch stacking photos from different angles to see them completely ? thank you very much .

Hi-I did originally post photos
Also if you have power outage you will at least have prints to where the power outage occurs
If you have an UPS (uninterrupted power supply)box -you could connect then print will continue and and if outage short then you are ok

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