Sprue wax not sticking to castable resin when making tree

Attempting to cast my first print. Using Ruby Red wax for attaching ring to the sprue to make a tree, but the wax does not seem to want to stick very securely to the printed ring. Used the formlabs castable resin. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

Put a spot of sticky wax on the model first then attach your sprue to that.

Sorry… but what is “sticky wax”?

Was really hoping your google wasn’t broken.

I know how to google! This is how I learned!

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See. How easy was that?

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Wow… just a simple question from a newbie. Sorry to bother you. :neutral_face:

all in good fun @kim_lunn. please dont take offense.

Ok… no offense taken. Used that fancy “google” thingy to look up “stickie wax”. Amazing what you can learn. :slight_smile:

ya i apologize if it came across as rude. its not every day i get to use LMGTFY. com i did it to my wife once and i never heard the end of it! lol

No worries. Sorry I got a bit defensive.

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