Spots on Durable resin


I was hoping to get some insight into what is a pretty small issue: when I print parts in durable resin I get spots that are cured to the part during the print that are creating “defects” in the surface. A couple of notes these spots are happening during the printing process - I always thoroughly clean my parts and I cure them with a UV oven. I have tried everything post print, and yes I’ve tried rubbing the parts with my fingers in IPA. These spots are part of the print. Also, this has always happened even when the tank was new and I’ve tried different bottles of resin.

I’ve attached pictures here (sorry for the poor quality but I’ve circled the problem areas)

There could be a few potential causes for this and one of the easier troubleshooting steps might be to ensure that there’s not any dust on the main optical window. Our support team is going to be best suited to help out with this and one of our members will be in touch over email to help troubleshoot further.

Is it just a surface color defect or is it like there’s a drop of cured resin on the surface?

It’s cured resin - essentially adding to the surface

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