Dots on surface . Anyone experiencing this?

Hello , I already tried form labs support and I did not get a clear response about this other than resin is contaminated , ( this is a new bottle of resin ) . Every time we print we get this polka dots ( maybe laser burns ) I don’t know how to call them . We do all the procedures , cleaning properly , new resin and new tank . The problem is not resolved and a lot of time and money going to the trash … Please if anyone in the forums can help me would be appreciated . Have a Great day !

Q: do these show up in Preform? e.g. are these actually support tips from below poking up through the surface?

Are you rinsing the print with water? Because if you leave the drops on the print and put it under the sun (or uv-lamp - as i’m seeing a blacklight (UV-A) light in the background of your image). to dry, the places with the water drops will cure more quickly and become a different color than the rest of the print.

IPA isn’t a problem. Water drops most certainly are! Slow curing it on your desk shouldn’t be problem, but always ensure that the parts are dry before you start the actual curing process to avoid these spots. Instead of drying them, you could always dip the parts in IPA again and the start curing.

I wouldn’t be able to think of another reason. Especially as the size of the spots seem farily consistant.

They don’t show in preform and those are not pocks , there are just on the surface and the problem is that we have a knurling and we cant sand the finishing .

We do not rinse the print with water at all . You can see the dots right after the print .When is placed in the IPA bath and it drys it is more dramatic . Like i said it might be the laser burning the print . I don’t really know !! But thanks for your response !

Are the dots only on the PDMS side only or are they all over (side of part underside)?

It could be that you have something going on with your resin tray possibly?

Juan, apologies you were not able to resolve with our support team the first time around. I see you submitted another ticket and we will be getting back to you shortly.

I spoke with some of our techs here and the current theories are:

  1. There might be fogged areas on the resin tank you are using. The spots looks like they could be fogging from the support structures.

  2. Something could be splattered on one of the mirrors (there are 4 in the printer).

If support determines it could be debris on the mirrors, they can send you cleaning instructions for the large mirror, and then the galvo mirrors if necessary.


The dots are all over the print .

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