Gray V4 - Some shiny spots among the matte gray finish

Hey folks, I’ve noticed on a number of my prints that one side(s) of my printed piece will have a shiny finish, rather than the nice gray matte that gray V4 is supposed to have.

Any ideas?


What is your workflow for rinsing the print off after printing?

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To expand on @Zachary_Brackin point: if you’re not using clean IPA or there are nooks and crannies where excess uncured resin is hanging out after washing, that’ll lead to a shiny finish. My workflow for post processing is washing in the FormWash (which with as many prints as I’m doing makes sense…or at least did at Form2 print rates), blowing off with an airbrush at 50 psi and then rewashing parts that have shiny bits, usually things like wheel wells on 1/144 models.

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Hey Zachary, thank you for your reply.

I put the prints in both baths for 10 minutes a piece, agitating at the beginning and end of each rinse. If there are nooks, I will use an acid brush to dislodge any remaining resin.

Hey CaliTarheel (from NC?) thank you for your reply. I have eyeballed the FormWash, but need business to ramp up before I can justify it. Your idea of using your airbrush sounds excellent, and I will give that a try next job.

My issue isn’t as much the nooks but outer surfaces having the sheen. I’ve been having some faint print line issues and wonder if the micro recesses among the lines could be holding onto resin.

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While I give the FormWash a thumbs up, I can’t say I really recommend it that heavily as it still leaves a lot to be desired with complex models especially if they have places for the IPA to pool at the top. If you’re doing, say, a lot of 10mm infantry figures or small 1/144 scale accessories with .35mm contact points it’s really really sweet as its gentle enough to not pull them off the supports.

Other than that use case scenario…I can’t say I feel it’s worth it.

If it’s just the outer surfaces having the sheen, I think it’s more likely saturated IPA. Depending on the resin you use, this may be pretty evident, but if you’re using white it can be deceptively clear.

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I just changed emptied my #1 (and quite saturated)wash vat, and transferred the second (less saturated vat) to the #1 spot. Perhaps they both needed changing. Thanks for suggesting that. Makes sense.

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I’d bet that you could get away without changing the new number one right now. One thing that I’d suggest is that you whip out the second pot before you fill it with new IPA. That makes a huge difference in my experience.

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