Source for spare empty FormLabs' bottles?

Could someone at FormLabs let me know the spec/model/type of bottle the resin comes in?

Where can these be bought? What are they called?

A source to purchase a spare would be great! Thanks!

Situation: For years I’ve been pouring resin out of trays and into non-lightfast non-FormLabs bottles to be mixed if a specific color wasn’t used for an extended period of time. Until now, this has been fine because my printer was in a windowless room. That has changed and I need a source for the lightfast FormLabs bottles.

I don’t think you need anything specific, just a black non-transparent bottle so that it prevents the resin from curing.

I understand. I’d just prefer to stick with finding a source for the same bottles FormLabs uses: they’re a standard size and they picked them bc they work.

These would work.

The amber ones should work and they are dirt cheap though glass.

These are amber plastic and for light sensitive materials. I can’t find any opaque ones.

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