Someone copied the form1 design and the software ui

Shameless copy. Even down to the software interface. But a DLP instead of SLA.

“Made” in China of course.

  1. Goes without saying, competitors only verify the market. :slight_smile: At this stage, I would say these folks are more of a threat to the B9 than the Form … but I’m sure these folks will be on Form’s radar once they read this, if they haven’t already picked up on it.

  2. There is more to making a successful platform a success than a slick marketing website. So many questions … Are they shipping today? Has anyone tried calling? Do they answer the phone? Can you download their software today? Will they be around in 1 year? They have a long road ahead of them, so choose wisely.

  3. Silver lining … at least Formlabs doesn’t have to go closed source. MakerBot lost a ton of clout when they did that a few years back … and I believe part of that was due to the kickstarter clone that tried to undercut them. In retrospect, that move probably made MakerBot a prime acquisition target, even if it did alienate some of its original customer base.