Chinese Form1 copy?

They are not even trying to change anything anymore. It’s a straight-up copy of the form1, except it has a red cover instead of orange. Even has the front lcd and everything. Is it possible that they manufacture the form1 parts for formlabs and then thought “what the hell…we’ll just assemble our own then”.

To be fair, they are also copying Makerbot models (both old and new)

Yeh, these started turning up a couple of weeks ago. Would not touch it if my life depended on it.

Interesting that it’s internal is a complete copy. Isn’t the Form1 made in USA?

Interesting that they are partly funded by the Chinese government.
As far as they may be a manufacturer of parts for Form1, that would not surprise me. I seen this happen countless times with my dealings in the far East on consumer products to the point that many smaller companies are to scared to get stuff prototyped and manufactured there.