Here r some curiosities,need to be replied

is the from 1 now a mature product?can it be furtherly updated without any other costs?just retail selling presently?why it cant be shipped to china?is there any reseller or agent in other countries besides USA?

i m newbie here, need help

because if shipped to China, knockoffs by a dozen companies will be available for retail purchase in 1 month. xDD

I mean… some dude already started selling a knockoff of the B9C open source technology, using the same projector/tech only with a different crappy looking frame for almost the same price

u exclude Chinese market just for resisting knockoffs?i used to think maybe custom issues that it cant be shipped to China…since there r already similar products in China using open source tech,why cant u think about fighting a way out in Chinese market,it is a quite huge market for formlabs1, with a good reseller, u will get well profits as a reward,dont be scared,keep moving and updating,that is a marketing strategy

think about it,if u sell your product to other countries,r u sure that there will not be any knockoffs coming out? the earlier you getting into one certain market , the more chances bing waiting there for u

Search Taobao, there is always someone who can help.

Search Taobao?for what? jimmy ling is  Chinese?

If you are not asking how you can get Form One in China, forget it.

ok,so,how i can get form1 in China?just seach TAOBAO?

I don’t care if it is a knockoff or not… If I could get delivery in 1 month, I’d buy it. Nobody can count on a delivery estimate from FL.