SOLD: Form 1+ for sale (EU) $589 negotiable - fully working in good condition

Form 1+ for sale (EU)

It’s in fully working condition. No scratches or cracks.

Was used as a personal printer at home, printing prototypes and some figures for friends. Now I have no use for this printer so it’s for sale.

Mirror and galvanometers are cleaned and prints well. Contacted Formlabs support and they sent me test print - butterflies print, I sent them picture of it and they confirmed, that the printer is fully working without any issues. Printed also Prusa test print for their SLA and it printed also without any issues. Please see a gallery.

Can print in 0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2 mm layer heights. It’s good working tool for rapid prototyping, because new Formlabs printers can’t print in 0.2 mm layer height.

Comes with :

1 Used tray, which will last even more prints, it’s not dead yet (can add more used trays, which have to be refurbished, see below)

2 Resins, Formlabs WHITE resin and Photocentric HARD CLEAR resin

Finishing kit - used plastic box, new box, printed adapter for pouring resin to bottle and pouring filters

New extra build platform in original box

Bag of PEC-PAD for cleaning mirrors etc.

NOVUS 1 for cleaning trays

ACC SILICONES - QSIL 216 250G, purchased for refurbishing trays, didn’t happen because of time so it’s new, sealed

Power supply - US&EU voltage suitable

USB cable

Shipping :

Free shipping within EU via DPD or GLS, injured with tracking

Outside EU on request, probably via UPS or FedEx

If you have any questions or need further information or images or about shipping, please feel free to contact me.

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