Form 1+ for sale Ireland

I am selling my Formlabs Form 1+ SLA 3D printer. I have not used this printer in a while and needs some time for a little service (time which I don’t currently have),

Some of my last prints I did after moving house were blotchy. Formlabs tech support says its dust related and cleaning dust off the the mirrors/lenses should fix the print defect. I have purchased the pucpad lens wipes suggested for the service that I’ll give to the new owner along with formlabs step by step instructions for cleaning the mirror. I still have the original box and packaging for the printer.

Whats included:
*Form 1+ SLA printer
*Build plates x2 (1 origional, 1 purchased spare)
*Resin tanks (used) x 2 (I also have two other resin tanks ‘damaged’ by resin spills the new owner can have if they want)

  • Approx 1/2 to 3/4 liter of Clear resin (Manfactured 22/07/2016)
    *Approx 400ml of Castable resin (Best if used before date 05/16)
  • Original print wash station
  • UV post print curing light
    *approximately 1 liter of IPA
  • Pack of Pucpad lense wipes (for the mirror/lens service)

This printer is sold as seen, as I said needs a bit of service but a great printer otherwise I have some samples of the prints I printed on the printer for any prospective buyer to look at.

Feel free to ask me questions as needed. If you re looking to get it shipping elsewhere in Europe I can find out what the shipping cost would be.

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