Smallest, more intricate printed geometry printed on the Form1

Hello all,

What is the smallest, most intricate geometry printed on the Form1 you’ve either printed yourself, or seen?

I’m very curious about the smallest projects that have come off machines. Also the delicate process involved with working with such items. Obviously jewelry is what a lot of us are printing, but I’m also interested in smaller items. Post what you got.

For any Formlabs marketing team reading this … I think this would be a great challenge to help promote your machine! Have a contest or something. Just an idea.



Here are a pair of earings I designed and printed.



IMO the true test is large intricate objects. This is a leg of a bird collaboration that got electroformed. A few failures, but eventually I got the two I wanted. I also build a lot of my own supports pre preform, and never use the auto support.


Love the thread idea Scott! I’ll see if I can find some prints we’ve done here in the office to post next week. As far as a contest…you never know :slight_smile:

Earrings look great David!

That bird is incredible @Kuhns! What is the greenish part made out of? Initially I thought it was Tough Resin, but it looks like it’s maybe painted?


Everything that is not copper is glass @Jory The headdress and legs are printed and electroformed.

Really nice work!

Hi, my supervisor came across this post and suggested I add some of the work that I’ve been doing with the form1 printer. It may not be the most intricate but the smallest I’ve printed to date is a solid approx. 2.5mm dodecahedron.
The other images show two halves which were made to contain a 3mm ball magnet.
The overall shape is a dodecahedron again, the wall thickness is 0.5mm and the holes are 1mm in diameter. These are part of a project to try and find a particle shape that be reduced significantly in size whilst still being able to self-assemble.


Cool. Thanks for sharing. My labspace “neighbor” at Artisan’s Asylum actually does large scale dodecahedron art, so he’d get a kick out of this.

A part I’m doing right now is in this range of size and detail and I’m finding it challenging to pull off in fine detail required. Guess this means the laser and optics in the Form are just not good enough for this specific project someone asked me about … going to consult with a photonics expert to see what machine could actually pull it off.

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