Small internal support tabs too thick on the base

I notices that most of the internal sort support pins or tabs, whatever they are called are too thick, and leave a big mark when removed. I think this should be addressed in the software.

in this photo you can see one of those internal support pins,

Untill they resolve this, you can manually delete and add different sizes of supports. I know it’s annoying, but for the time being you could delete the point in “edit” model and add a smaller tip in the same spot. You might need a few more internal supports, depending on your orientation of course :wink:

As far as I know what you describe is not possible, since you can only decide where a support ends, but not where it does start, and this thick part is the starting point of the support, the end is fine, a thin contact point. So I did manually added a dot to add the support, and on the dot is the size I specified, but where it starts it thick and we have no control over it.

You’re absolutely right! I didn’t think of that. They do “grow” from a thinner part, but normally it is much bigger than the actual point you assign it too and it will leave a bigger mark. You could request this issue in the “feature request” topic, however, i don’t think they’ll be able to compromise as this will weaken the supports enormously and therefore they’ll probably lose their function. But who knows what magic they can do :slight_smile:

well, it seems to be a bit random, some internal supports are thin in both sides… I was hopping they sort of read these posts and make notes.

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