Ability to set up and select internal supports

I’ve had SOOOO many times where it would be great to be able to use thin internal supports on models I am printing. It seems the Preform software prefers using thick, chunky supports, sometimes that don’t have easy to remove joints on the model. Leaves some really horrid marks behind that take a lot of cleaning up!

Also, would be really good to be able to build supports from ‘0’ on the Z axis. Rather than being forced to build supports all over the base, being able to anchor the model to the build plate and just be selective with supports would be really good.

Any help or advice would also be hugely appreciated.

Also dissatisfied with this program trying to understand why the supports that are placed in the parts of Formlabs are very difficult making it difficult to remove and finish in the jewels I have already tried putting finer support in another program and running in F2 they do not complete in the printing and analyzing I think this Should be the leires that can not date its focus to make a support thinner, formlabs should leave this field open in the programming for user configuration if he wants a better surface quality and a thinner support, I hope you understand my doubt !

For internal supports like you are saying and/or very small contacts I have just ended up adding the supports in my design program (Rhino) over using the PF supports as sometimes my parts are just too small for PF to even recognize the part and have had very good success with doing it this way. Those end connectors I pint 1000 at a time to give you an idea of the size and are used to make a snap together Model Tank Track.

Seems a bit of a pig using another piece of software for it. Would be far better if Formlabs could make it part of their own!

I agree… But you do have to design your parts in something and until Formlabs can develop the Perfect program I thought I would try and help with a work around.

PreForm switches between the thick supports and the thin supports based on the length. The idea is that long thin supports would just buckle and not really support anything. I don’t remember where the switch over is. I think it’s something like 10mm long.