Internal supports - any way to choose which type? thin = good, chunky = print damage

Hi All, and @Formlabs,

Perhaps this topic more properly belongs in the feature requests, - but is there any way to change the type of internal supports?

Internal supports can be super thin and easy to remove and non-destructive of prints, or they can end up being chunky “normal” type supports with base structures that almost always cause serious damage to the print on removal.

Is there any way to set internal supports to the thin type? or is it hardwired to switch types at a certain support length?

See attached picture, the supports on the shorter toes will cause print-wrecking damage at their bases on removal.

There’s no way to control that, but it’s going to be a case where the at a certain length the thinner support will not work since it looses stability the longer it is.

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The only way to control it, is to turn it off and to create you own supports inside your CAD Software and bring it inside Preform :wink:

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