New support type?

I have not seen this before:

I have ‘Internal supports’ unchecked, but PreForm is creating this short stick style support. I believe it is .40mm for the whole length, rather than just the contact point. (Those blue internal supports were created in SolidWorks, as I did not like the ones generated by PreFrom). Sorry I do not have a better angle for the picture, my build platform is completely loaded.

Yes, it does this more often. Internal supports is a “grey” area. If you have a model with an overhang and that overhang is above another part of the model it will generate a support even though you have de-selected internal supports. Officially it isn’t an “internal” support as it’s supporting an external piece. To minimize damage on the model it uses a fine stick as a support in stead of a thin contact point with large support.

Interesting. It is better than the large base that it previously generated for the not ‘technically internal’ internal supports. I will have to remove the supports I modeled and see what it generates now.

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