SLA Resin Allergic reactions

RESIN SAFETY IS NO JOKE! I had some nitrile glove failures (the black ones) while using the form wash and 99% ISO. We have better gloves now, but after a year of good but not great safety protocols, I now have developed a sensitivity/allergic reaction. The first few times you just get little bumps on areas of your hand, the next stage, where I’m at, feels like you spread glue along the side of your fingers (numb crust layer). in reality, it was my skin dying. It then flaked off, which burned underneath because the underlying layers were still sensitive, and itchy because it takes over a week to fully flake off. Been soaking my hands in aloe gen every night to be able to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, SLA printing on movies is how I make my living, and not doing it is not an option. I have used paraffin barrier creams, upgraded my gloves to thicker/longer ones, and got a parts washing cabinet to replace the form wash (less direct handling- except through the cabinet’s thick gloves). Even with heightened PPE, I have been having outbreaks of the rash.

Has anyone had a similar reaction? If so, have you discovered anything that will help? Going to the doctors, I got a ‘general industrial dermatitis’ diagnosis, and little else. Really hoping I can use maybe a better cream to help protect and/or mitigate the effects? Benadryl? Some sort of anti-inflammatory or something?

I’m not a doctor, but if you have lab grade PPE that isn’t letting the harsh chemicals, such as the 99% IPA, touch your skin, you could be having an allergic reaction to the nitrile. Have you tried switching from nitrile to something else? Also, I would make sure you are sourcing your PPE from a reputable PPE based company instead of buying online like Amazon as you’ll get a lot of counterfeits from China that are not good.

For example, I have purchased Ansell AlphaTec 29-865 that have excellent resistance to chemicals, including oils, acids, alcohols, caustics and solvents from a local PPE provider.

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