Skew based on supports

So I have been experimenting with different printing methods and for mechanical parts I am noticing depending on the supports I get some bowing or skew in parts. If I print the same part directly on the build platform there is no skew or bowing. Makes me wonder that if a part does not have really good support it starts to sag during the print process.


A lot depends on the supports. Depending on what you are trying to print, if you do not have enough supports, and not just for the overhangs, you will get some warping on the part, or sagging, or skewing. That is why it’s very important that your initial support is firm enough to support the part in the beginning of the print and then you have enough supports for the rest of the print process. Sometimes you get lucky that the model supports itself after that initial support and then you don’t need as many of the supports. I find that putting manual supports is the way to go for most of what I print. Also orientation is important too.

I just received my Form1 the day before Christmas.  Nice Christmas present.  Thanks FormLabs.  I have spent some time setting it up and watching the videos to try and not screw up anything.  I was wondering what angle of the face of a part is that requires supports and what angle does not require supports?  Maybe that is answered already.  Thanks for any help.  I am now trying my first prints.  12.5 hours total print time and 45 minutes into it.

Also, I will need to refill the resin tank one time in the middle of the print cycle.  Any suggestions on how to most easily and carefully do that?

I think there are instructions on exactly how to do that.

You have to pause the printer, printer will pause when it’s completed it’s current layer. Then you can add your resin.