Skeleton shrimp (Liropus minusculus)

Just finished this model. 65 cm from top to down. Nature is so crazy …


Oh that is crazy!! But what a breathtaking likeness…AWESOME!!!
makes me want to print diatoms:))

Where is this one from, I read a few years ago they found some off Catalina CA…good thing they are sooo tiny in real life…wonder if they glow?

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You are right they were found in Catalina CA. As far as I know they don`t glow.
Yes - diatoms are beautiful.

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This looks great! Did you print the small hairs or were they attached afterwards?

Wow , that looks nice.
If you can, could you pleas post a screen shot of the model in Preform showing the supports.


the hairs were printed separate and then attached to the print.

here some screenshots of the body. I printed the parts some month ago with an oder version of preform. In the last version of preform you can see a lot of red areas - but it printed perfect.


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Thanks! for posting those Klaus. Surprising that you could print the two log feelers in that first pic on the right with out any supports.

Looks amazing and well polished - did you let preform orient and set the supports or was it done manually?

Orientation I do most times by myself. Supports are from preform but I always edit them and remove or ad supports. But I can not describe how I do this because it is mix of experience and feeling.