From time to time I post some photos

Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) printed on Form3 and Form3L. over 60 parts. Length 120 cm. Body length 70 cm. The hollowed out model was filled with clear casting resin.
Once again I am happy to work with these printers.



Amazing work!

Awesome job, bravo.

PS Next time, do an extra shot with a soda can or something “for scale” purposes so we can drool further…

Holy cow this is amazing. Great work.

How are the veins made? They appear to be on the inside.

Please share some work in progress photos! :grinning:

@ JakeMIsra
In reality, you can’t see the veins, the nerve tracts and the ovaries. Only the gastrointestinal tract can be seen. But the customer wanted it that way.
The innards were also modeled and printed out, painted and then inserted into the model.
@ StaryNIght
Sorry, I don’t have any photos of the work in progress. I keep forgetting about it, unfortunately, because it just stops me.

A pièce montée for whales :smiley:

Amazing, great work. So big :astonished:

Wow! nice job!

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