Silicone disconnecting from new vat

Just had my old vat redone with glass and a new silicone layer. After 6 small prints, I noticed the resin is going under the silicone. Is there a way I can reattach this?

The fact that you say “redone with glass and a new silicone layer” tells a lot!! Some of the third party vat mods are brilliant, some not so good. Unfortunately the only way to reattach the silicone is to redo it. Ask yourself the question - Is the risk and cost / time needed to sort out a resin spill into the optics worth doing anything else?

It can be the PDMS not adhering enough to the VAT. Some PDMS suppliers have a separate primer available.
It can also be the cleanliness of the VAT when you coated it.
As a third one, it can also be the resin: some resins do cause delamination as well.

Which PDMS are you using? Which resin? How did you clean it?

Had it done at ZVat, glass and PDMS. Love the way it looks with the glass. ALW dental resin. I just scrape it out until there’s none left and wipe the edges good. I’ve thought about coating it myself, I’ll look into the primer if I do.

I agree, but it looked really great when I received it back, love the glass. I think it may be my ALW resin, as it caused separation in the first one. I’m still a bit of a newbie, why would it cause a resin spill? It seems to be leaking under the silicone into the vat.

ALW, yes that explains. It is is notorious for ruining PDMS. You need an extra bit of silicone around the edges to protect the PDMS.

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I’m going to experiment with an old one, using silicone around the edges.

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Just buy a LT tank

Not recommended with ALW resin.

Just ordered one yesterday. So the elastic layer sticks better on LT tanks?

LT tank not recommended with ALW resin?

Yes, there were issues with the resin sticking too much to the LT tanks. They stated on another forum that they only recommend using the orange tanks.


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