Shrinkage & Warpage

We are a crown & bridge dental lab using Model V2 resin on our Form2. We are having a serious issue with warpage & shrinkage. We are curing the models at 60°C for 30 minutes. In dental, you have to be precise. We did a comparison of our printer vs. the Asiga Max using Whip Mix’s resin. Same file was sent to both printers; just the material file was changed. The Asiga was PERFECT and our’s was unbelievably horrible. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it Formlabs resin?

Are you using dental resin? 60C is high, I’m not sure what the desirable temperature is for curing dental resin but that wouldn’t be good for the standard resins.

We are using the Dental Model Resin V2. We have been getting mix feedback on the temperature we are curing at. Our colleagues say that’s too high but different manufactures say otherwise.

60C / 15-30 min are the recommended post curing parameters by Formlabs.

That is also what we read too-Too many mix information out there.

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