Shoddy Workmanship on Resin Cartridges

I’ve been working with the Form 2 for a little less than a year, mostly with solid and reliable results. However, over the past few months, nearly every single resin cartridge I’ve purchased (over a dozen Clear Resin 1L) has been garbage. Considering how much work has gone into upgrading and improving the Form 2, I’m surprised and disappointed in the extremely poor quality of the cartridges.

MAJOR ISSUE: The upper and lower halves of the cartridge are not sealed together. The top seems to just be jammed onto the bottom like one of those plastic Easter eggs. Most of the cartridges have been leaking resin from the seam when they arrive, and all of them start leaking while they’re in the printer or when they’re pulled out. There’s now a sticky layer of resin around the entire cartridge slot. One actually opened up completely when it was being pulled out and we just barely managed to avoid pouring resin all over the back of the printer. I’m currently taping the seam shut in order to use the cartridges we have, but honestly can’t see buying more until this issue is fixed.

SECONDARY ISSUE: Several of the cartridges have produced an error message about not being able to release the resin into the tank. A quick inspection showed that the rubber nipple that releases resin wasn’t cut all the way through - the slit that allows resin to exit doesn’t go all the way through the rubber, and I’ve had to finish the job using an Xacto.

Not to mention the copious complaints about cartridges not even being detected- or showing up as missing sometime after inserting them-
Its gotten to the point where most of my cartridges will not be detected by the printer. And several print jobs have been interrupted by the printer claiming the cartridge isn’t in when its is.

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