Shifting in the first layers of Rigid 4K-Printing directly on the build plate

Hello Guys,

I had a strange problem when printing with Rigid 4k directly on the build platform (2). In the first layers (round about 2-3mm), the printer just made a huge layer-shift from round about 1-2mm. You can see the small step on the bottom of the part shown in the picture. This small step ist the shift with is supposed to be just straight.
I never saw that kind of shift in a raft or something like this.

Did it happen to you? Can someoone give me some tips to prevent it?

Best regards,

Hi @philipp_doebbe,

Thank you for getting in touch. I see the shift you are referring to, and there could be a few potential causes. To best narrow this down, I would advise getting in touch with our Support Team for them to look over your printer’s diagnostic logs.

Hello @philipp_doebbe,

I am experiencing a shift when printing directly on the build platform (2). Were you able to correct the issue?

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