Sharpness of print from WaxCastable resin

I am struggling with a Waxcastable prints. 95% of a print is great but the last 5% has bad quality, its not that sharp… Like you see in pictures. Every time this problem appears near supports. I tried change positions and other few things. Is tehre any solution for it?

Thank you for any response.

Are you using the Form 3?

If so, this looks like the ‘layer shifting’ issue discussed at length in this thread:-

I would recommend reading through it when you have the time, FormLabs are aware of this issue and are working on a solution. Also I have noticed that there are new PreForm and firmware updates, so I would also make sure you are up to date with those.


Yes I am using Form 3, thank you I will read it :). Everything should be up to date. So hope it will be repaired soon

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